La chica explosiva

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Inspirada por Una chica explosiva. Idiomas Inglés. Formato de producción -. Color Color. Formato audio -. Formato de proyección -. Actores y actrices. Anthony Michael Hall. Kelly LeBrock.

Series para gourmets

Ilan Mitchell-Smith. Bill Paxton. Del cine a la TV: En los años El alma de los videoclubs, el líder espiritual del Brat Pack, un iconoclasta cachondo que nunca Si te gusta esta película, te recomendamos: American Pie 2. Jennifer's Body. Teen Wolf. De pelo en pecho. Inicia sesión para dejar un comentario. EUR 5, El Grinch EUR 6, El Peloton Chiflado. EUR 10, EUR 14, Calles De Fuego - Edición Horizontal.

Detalles del producto Actores: John Hughes Audio: No facilitado. Universal Fecha de lanzamiento: Ha surgido un problema al filtrar las opiniones justo en este momento. Vuelva a intentarlo en otro momento. Blu-ray Compra verificada.

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La mujer explosiva

I was aghast that my younger brother had never seen this flick so I purchased it and showed it at Thanksgiving to a room where only I had seen it. The whole crowd was in stitches all the way through from my daughter to my older mother-in-law. A timeless movie where the entire cast is running on full cylinders and Kelly Lebrock cements herself as a premiere '80s starlet. This is a super funny series based on the Weird Science movie. I am so happy to find a complete series boxset as this show was fun from beginning to end.

La mujer explosiva () - Película eCartelera

I wanted to own this for such a long time. Do you wanna know what the 80s were like? Do you want classic comedy that lasts the test of time? No, Weird Science doesn't make sense. But if there is one 80s comedy where you should suspend disbelief, this is it.

mujer explosiva

Anthony Michael Hall at his best. A near-perfect Kelly LeBrock. Great soundtrack. Short runtime. This is a movie you have to see at least once. Dumb fun for sure. But the operative word is FUN. Not sure how this generation would take this movie.

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I hope they can ignore the eighties fashion and just crack up. Appreciate the non computer graphics for the special effects and just the fact this is a simple to the point hilarious eighties movie.

La chica explosiva

The dialog when they are in the jazz or blues bar is worth 5 stars a alone. I love the movie and the quality I sometimes wish this was possible. But if I created a lady I'd kept her as mine. After all they made her a perfect being.